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Ecol Direct is a high-growth, technology-based database-marketing company with innovative products; value added services and technology-based solutions to meet our customers' business communication needs.

  • What is Direct Marketing?

    Noun: direct marketing. Marketing via a promotion delivered directly to the individual prospective customer. Direct marketing is the key to your business. If you are an established business with an active customer base, sixty percent of your direct marketing budget should be investing in your customers list.
  • What are the benefits?

    By tapping into your existing customer list you are accessing your best resource for referrals, add-on sales and on-going revenue. Eighty percent of your business is generated by twenty percent of your customers. Does it make sense to treat those few customers who mean so much to your business extra-special? You bet!
  • When to use the punch of Direct Mail?

    Take advantage of direct mail today! Use direct mail to pack a "powerful punch" in today's marketing landscape. Invitation beats intrusion: Consumers have made it abundantly clear that the best way to capture their attention and loyalty is through invitation, not intrusion. Direct mail is inviting, not intrusive.
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  • "Ecoldirect has a proven track record in creating a meaningful rate of return. Their co-op marketing campaign has been critical piece of our company's growth."

    — Nick Jordan [Owner] - Media Junction